Order Kit - Small

Order Kit - Small

from 88.50

This kit includes 50 cards: $1.65 per card || $82.50 total

You can opt to have a discovery box included with your order (a good idea for first-time buyers as it can be used to display the cards in your store). There is an included $6 shipping fee for orders without the box, and a $12 shipping fee for those with.

Upon adding this to cart, you will be prompted to inform us of any requests for your cards. You can be as specific or vague as you'd like. Example requests:

  • "Please give me only quote cards, but not #WL03 or #WL32"

  • "I'd like an assortment of Affirmation cards"

Our default kit is 2 each of an assortment of "Quotes" cards

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