A New Season


It’s still summer in Columbus, Ohio but an autumn has come for Little City Love. We’re shedding old leaves and broken limbs, and getting down to our bare frame. It’s a time for change and simplification.

Little City Love

A New Look

We love our old crown logo, inspired by Max’s headwear in Where the Wild Things Are, but our mission has simply outgrown it. The crown was meant to symbolize the spirit of adventure we were after, and it was an appropriate representation of Little City Love when we first started (and were still searching for an identity).

In the two years since we started, we’ve heard hundreds of stories from all over the world. We’ve sent cards to Singapore, Russia, Slovak Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Israel, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, The Netherlands, Finland, Portugal, Italy, Spain, France, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond. What have we learned? Adventure is not our mission, but rather a wonderful side effect.

In one word, our true mission is connection. In one sentence, our mission at Little City Love is to inspire honest and intimate dialogue because meaningful connection with others is at the heart of a mindful and fulfilling life.

We think our new logo of overlapping hearts, designed by Austin Rossborough, represents LCL perfectly.

Note: The logo transition is a process, so you'll still be seeing our crown logo on our packaging and elsewhere.

A New Chapter

Lucas and I started Little City Love without an inkling of a clue in my parents’ basement shortly after graduating from college. Now, we have a small office in the heart of Downtown Columbus. When I look over at the Apple iMac computer with its fancy Adobe Creative Suite on my desk, where I do most of my design work these days, I can’t help but laugh at the memory that our first cards were designed in Microsoft Word on an old PC.

We’ve learned a lot since the days when we shared a makeshift office with my parents’ two cats. Like, for instance, Lucas is extremely allergic to cats and taxes are the worst and Lucas is REALLY REALLY allergic to cats.

Starting your own business is a conundrum, at once tremendously rewarding and equally excruciating, but that’s what makes it thrilling -- what good is a rollercoaster that doesn’t go way up and way down? It’s been a crazy adventure and, as with any important adventure, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves and our personal aspirations.

Everything changes (wabi-sabi, right?) and we’re no different. Little City Love is special to us, but personal fulfillment and growth demands a new chapter. We’re moving on to bring new ideas to life.

But LCL isn’t going anywhere, it’s just changing -- for the better! We’ll still be releasing new products, fulfilling online and wholesale orders, and having fun on Instagram, just at a more relaxed pace. By continuing with LCL as a passion project, rather than as a full-time job, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to focus on people and stories rather than products and money.

A Big 'Thank You'

We’re so grateful for your support, your kind words, your stories, and your time (you did just read this novel of a post after all). Without you, this just isn’t possible. It’s been a hell of an adventure so far, and we’re so stoked to see what comes next.

High fives + good vibes,

Clayton Fuller