Van Gogh (Love) - White

Van Gogh (Love) - White


This high-resolution PRINTABLE art features black text with a blank background and includes file sizes in FOUR different ratios (see below for more information).

The files will be sent via email and available for download automatically after your payment is processed. Please email us at if you have any questions about printing. 

Note: This is NOT a physical print -- it will be sent to you via email shortly after purchase.


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  • Instructions for printing (It's super easy!)
  • High-resolution PDF file in 2:3 ratio for printing the following sizes:
    • 4”x6”
    • 8”x12”
    • 12”x18”
    • 16”x24”
    • 20”x30”
    • 24”x36”
    • 10x15cm
    • 20x30cm
    • 30x45cm
    • 40x60cm
    • 60x90cm
  • High-resolution PDF file in 3:4 ratio for printing the following sizes:
    • 6”x8”
    • 9”x12”
    • 12”x16”
    • 15”x20”
    • 18”x24”
    • 15x20cm
    • 30x40cm
    • 45x60cm
  • High-resolution PDF file in 4:5 ratio for printing the following sizes:
    • 4”x5”
    • 8”x10”
    • 11”x14”
    • 12”x15”
    • 16”x20”
    • 10x12cm
    • 20x25cm
    • 28x35cm
    • 30x38cm
    • 40x50cm
  • High-resolution PDF file in International Standard Size format for printing the following sizes:
    • 5”x7”
    • A1
    • A2
    • A3
    • A4
    • A5


As a creative, I love to decorate the walls around me in a way that reflects who I am. The problem is I'm constantly getting inspired by new things, but most artistic decorations, especially large-size ones, are big investments (which makes me feel obligated to keep them on the wall even after they no longer excite me.)

That's why I love "printable/digital downloads" -- I can print the designs I love, in the style I love, for a really affordable price. Now I don't feel guilty taking a print down after a couple months and putting a new one up!


Typically, high-quality PDFs are better for printing – it’s the format commercial printers prefer, especially when it comes to vector-based designs (like text). So we prefer to give you PDF whenever we can. In some cases, we will send you files in JPG format if they’re photos that were originally photographed in that format and it’s a high enough resolution to print well. If you’re struggling with a print format, please let us know, we’re happy to help.