There may be more beautiful times, but this one is ours. -- Jean-Paul Sartre

- 12" x 16" Print
- 65# Soft White Cover Paper

- USA Made


Note: This is a recycled paper, so it does have small flecks in it -- which gives each piece its own character!

Photo featured by Alex Tan.
Find Alex on Instagram @jalexandertan.

*Frame not included*
*Not yet available for international shipping*

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|| Why is this 12x16 print so cheap?

We wanted to make these prints accessible -- it's a shame that so many prints feel like a big investment that you have to commit to. As your tastes and places change, so too should you be able to change your decorations without feeling like you're throwing away money. We use a high-quality, digital printing process with a thinner, premium paper that allows us to fulfill orders as they come in to minimize inventory storage expenses and reduce unnecessary costs that usually get passed onto the customer.

|| Is this paper destroying our planet?

No way! We use a beautiful, soft white paper that is FSC-certified, so you can take comfort in knowing that it's responsibly and sustainably made! This good-looking print ships in a sturdy stay-flat mailer to keep it that way.